LAZR Fitness Gamification Innovation Technology

The first connected HIIT* training using the laser technology to product the most enjoyable and competitive fitness workout.

*High intensity interval training

Lazr Fitness, a unique experience !

Resulting from a research-based collaboration of sports savvy and technical engineer, the LAZR Fitness generates high intensity  that improve performance for sport athletes, regular humains and beginners . LAZR Fitness combines the best of fitness and gaming for the most compelling cardio training.

For an adjustable duration and in pairs (1VS1), you must try to hit your opponent with the laser of your Handle while moving to avoid his shots. When hit, your target turn red; You need to burn calories to reactivate yourself (move!). When your target turn yellow do a muscle strengthening exercise (push up, squats, etc.). When the targets turn green again, repeat the process. 20 minutes of Lazr HIIT twice a week will strengthen your cardiovascular capacities, your balance, coordination and reflexes.

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Equipment to practice Lazr Fitness

Innovative fitness equipment

The equipment of LAZR Fitness is the result of 5 years development in Switzerland and 2 years real life testing in Los Angeles. The product is delivering the more efficient and technological sport experience for the users. And the more secure and easy to use for the professionals. 

It’s the only laser equipment in the market that combines precision, design and digital experience. No cable between the Handle and the Harness giving the user a total freedom of movement and allow spectacular performance.

Intensive and fun

A fun cardio workout that will attracts new clients

LAZR Fitness creates intrinsic motivation, users find instant pleasure, which will make them come back from often, why ?

  • The activity is easy to learn but difficult enough to be rewarding.
  • The app, the coaches and the community create a sense of belonging.
  • The competition between two participants is an immersion engine that allows the player to forget about physical work.

Connected fitness equipment

Users can monitor and access their Game and fitness data on a mobile Application. 

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Swiss quality manufacturing

Built to resist

The equipment of LAZR Fitness has been designed and engineered so users can work hard in a completely safe environment. 

The ergonomic design combined with the high quality components and materials produces a solid, compact product with a versatile nature that endures well beyond the normal usage to ensure maximum durability and reliability.

Built for people

From 7 to 70 years old , the Harness and the Handle suit various body type.  

The Harness is composed with a technical skeleton (plastic and electronic) and a washable fabric sock you can change in between games to offers a cleaner and healthier experience to your consumers. 


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