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The first automated studio that push the cardio potential of the laser game through a connected interval training
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Lazr Box

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Install a LAZR box in your studio and create new revenus

Equipement Lazr Fitness

Automised, follow the guide

With automatisation, you will be immersed in an easy to follow workout. 

Lazr Fitness

Have fun and get stronger

The LAZR cardio will make you forget you are working out. The strengthening will make you stronger. 

Lazr Box is the first automated training studio that brings fun into your interval training through our connected training gear that reactivates with calories burn.
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Backed by science

The Lazr training has been conceived to help you move more. 

By associating LAZR duelling and bodyweight exercices, LAZR becomes the most complete cardio workout that develops mobility, coordination and stress management.

In 25 minutes of training

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The equipment

The equipment of LAZR Fitness is the result of 5 years development in Switzerland and 2 years real life testing in Los Angeles. The product is delivering the more efficient and technological sport experience for the users. And the more secure and easy to use for the professionals. 

It’s the only laser equipment in the market that combines precision, design and digital experience. No cable between the Handle and the Harness giving the user a total freedom of movement and allow spectacular performance.

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The app

Users can monitor and access their Game and fitness data on a mobile Application.

Speed in km/h
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Total calories
Time and distance
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