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What is necessary to practice LAZR fitness

Holster of Lazr Fitness


Build with a plastic structure and a fabric harness, the holster is worn over the shoulders and adjusts under the arms. The targets are on the shoulders and in the heart.

Handle of Lazr Fitness


The shooting handle adjusts to all body types thanks to a flexible lesion between the upper and lower part. The shot is activated with a simple press of the trigger and 3 lasers form a target. The screen displays game actions as well as statistics.

Lazr app


All training statistics are gathered on a mobile application. After creating their account, the users will find their game and fitness statistics on their App.

Lazr Fitness management software

Managing software

By receiving your equipment, you will have access to our management software. You will be able to manage your equipment, your training, your client list...


How does it works ?

Lazr Fitness, target off

Switch off target

Are your target switch off? There are actives and can be hit. Shoot first !

Lazr Fitness, red target

Red target

Are you lighting in red? You are hit… You have to move to reactivate yourself!

Lazr Fitness, blue target

Blue target

Are you lighting in blue ? Hey, you are the leader for the moment.

Lazr Fitness, white target

White target

It’s Ghost time! You are untouchable for 1 second !

Lazr Fitness Workout

Calories reactivation

Once hit, you need to move to reactivate !

Lazr Fitness, laser shot

Strategic shooting

You can cumulate points by picking up your first target.



You only need 2.5×2.5 meter for a two people training. 

LAZR Fitness is a sport activity respecting social distancing and using a personal Holster. It is perfectly safe during a pandemic. 

The benefits are magical for your overall health. Lazr’s irregular movement will boost your cardiovascular capacity and your hamstring muscles. It will also improve your sense of balance, your agility and focus. Excellent against muscle and mental degeneration Lazr is a morale booster. In addition to the usual endorphin, Lazr generates Dopamine, the hormone of success.

Have you ever wondered how you can motivate people who don’t like to exercice? By entertaining them. By making him forget they are doing it. Lazr Fitness is built like a game (rules, a goal, immediate results). But above all it generates intrinsic motivation, your customers will take pleasure in practicing it. Fun, competition and community will be key elements in attracting as many customers as possible and allowing you to turn them into active members.

Contact us to rent or buy your equipment. 

A router. You can use the one you already use for your internet connection or you can buy another dedicated to the LAZR activity. We recommend Netgear routers.

Each user must use their own holster. Therefore, a piece of equipment comes with 10 holsters and you can recommend any at will.

With LAZR Fitness, everything is programmable, the duration of the workout, the space between LAZR cardio workouts and strength training exercises. Therefore, you can very well organize purely cardio workouts, HIIT or circuit training. The limit is your imagination!

The equipment works both outdoors and indoors. However, the laser is invisible to the naked eye in bright light, so it will be very difficult to use it during the day in the sun or with a white sky. Optimal outdoor playing conditions are in a shady or nighttime environment.

Absolutely, you will just have to move your router to the event’s location. You will need a source of electricity. Without a plug nearby, plan to bring a small generator.

The equipment use one infra red and three lasers Class 2, It is not dangerous for the health but must no be direct into one’s eye.

LAZR is an intense activity. We advice you not to do it without a doctor approval. 

It does each time you get hit.

I want Lazr Fitness

Start your LAZR fitness concept into your studio to attract more clients

Future business owner or operator of a fitness, sport of entertainment facility, LAZR Fitness is the right move for you. We believe people train more if they enjoy themselves doing so. Therefore we have created an entertaining way of exercising that will encourage your clients to come back often to both improve their health and their score. Beat the competition with a HIIT training that will attract a different type of clients and transform them as members.

Lazr Fitness for my business

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